Launch Party

On the 30th August we found another excuse to throw a party, this time our leaving party at Hard Rock Cafe on Sandton Square. Thank you so much to our family and friends that supported us, to Canon SA, Touratech SA, All Terrain Gear and to Doctors Without Borders for attending and supporting us.

The day kicked off with a launch ride from Touratech South Africa which would end on Sandton Square and start off our party. We first visited the Kyalami race track though, where  Superbike Magazine allowed us to ride our two BMW F800 GS’ around the race track…..Cannot believe we got to have this experience. Thanks so much to Clinton

kyalami race track, great american trek

Coming down the straight at Kyalami Race Track

Superbike, magazine, Great american trek

We created a bit of a scene by riding onto Sandton Square and especially by riding the two bikes up the ramp to the Hard Rock Cafe entrance.

Hard rock cafe, great american trek. megan snyman, matthew snyman


touratech, selfie, hard rock cafe


Touratech, Hard rock cafe, sandton square, great american trek

Thanks to Aldo from Touratech for hosting the ride

Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek

Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, Promo video

Promo video goes up

Matthew Snyman, Hard Rock Cafe

Matthew says a few words

Megan Snyman, Matthew snyman, Hard rock cafe

Doctors without borders, MSF

Doctors without borders, MSF, Great american trek, Hard rock cafe Doctors without borders, MSF, Great american trek, Hard rock cafe

Thanks to our three fantastic bands for rocking HRC… to Father & Son, Dead Alphabet and BreakDLaw.

Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, Father & Son

Father & Son

Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, Father and Son Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, father & Son Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, Father & Son

Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, dead alphabet

Dead Alphabet

Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, dead Alphabet Hard Rock Cafe, Great American Trek, Dead Alphabet

sandton square, hard rock cafe, great american trek

Raffle draw to win the Canon Camera

We did end up parking our bikes inside overnight and fetching them early the next morning… check where we got to park them.


sandton square, hard rock cafe, great american trek


sandton square, hard rock cafe, great american trek

I did get a picture of the bike next to the Tourist Hotspot of the Nelson Mandela Statue on the Square… although not as close as I would have liked

sandton square, hard rock cafe, great american trek

Thanks so much again to our supporters and sponsors. Thanks too to Bart Kurek for many of the pictures taken on the night!

Go chain lube – the best in the business!

Our newest sponsor – Go performance products have been kind enough to supply us with enough of their wax to get us all the way to Alaska. With such brand ambassadors as the legendary Alfie Cox and Russel Wood, you know you are getting nothing but the best.

Go chain lube is also a remarkably novel product, and proudly South African. It is 100% biodegradable and is the only wax/water emulsion lubricant on the market. It lasts longer, lubricates better and keeps the chain cleaner than anything else out there.

If you want to put a quality product on your bike, and reap the benefits, this is a great way to go. We will be using Go chain wax on both bikes throughout our trip.

If you want to get your hands on a starter pack, containing 500ml GO Chain Wax, 500ml GO Eco Degreaser, a cleaning cloth and a small brush, Go have been awesome enough to donate 3 starter packs for the raffle at our launch party! Be there and stand a chance to win your bike a rad lube-makeover.

Check out their site for loads more info and for all their other awesome products:


Thanks Go!

chain, lube, wax, degreaser, brush, high performance

The Go starter packs up for grabs this weekend

Chain, lube, wax, performance, lubrication

Our supply of chain lube to be smuggled in all the bikes nooks and cranny’s

Country Trax Training Weekend

Country Trax, offroad riding course

 “We promise that you will double your skills, and half your fears in one weekend”

Me being the most fearful, this was  a very attractive promise…and at the end of July 2014 we joined a crew of enthusiastic motorcyclists at Jan (Staal) Du Toit’s Country Trax Offroad Training Academy in Amersfoort outside of Johannesburg.

We were kindly asked to leave our ego’s in a dish, and then we set off to do the ‘cool things you see on TV’. This consisted of the famed riding with both your legs on the luggage rack (effectively kneeling on the seat), side saddle riding and a slow race  (that I won by repeated stalling). Most of our fellow riders were sporting BMW’s but everyone is welcome and from the start we all socialize, eat and ride together.

lunch, country trax

The communal table

country Trax, offroad riding, classromm

The best kind of classroom

practising form, matthew snyman, Jan do toit

Matthew masters the ‘form’

good form, country trax, offroad riding training

Aldo teaching me the ‘Form’

Megan Snyman, motorcycles, country trax

On the morning of day 2 I could feel every muscle, and realized that even a few gym sessions would probably have been to my benefit, but those pains quickly dissipated with the appearance of Pap and milk for breakfast (for non-South Africans this is a maize staple porridge that many of us ate as kids). We spend a glorious day on the farm playing on our bikes, and trying to make the connection between Jan’s Instructions, brain instructions and muscle actions.

I did some things where fear of being the only girl in the group who was too scared, made me ride over cattle grids, through the forest, through the sand and numerous other crazy exercises, that were actually not that bad when you stop thinking and just do them.

Matthew Snyman, Country trax, bmw, dirt riding

Matthew looking spectacular

jan du toit, country trax, riding academy

Jan makes it look easy

sand riding, lecture, country trax

Sand riding lecture

megan Snyman, country trax, riding academy

I got the wheel off the ground!

Matthew Snyman, country trax, offroad riding course

bmw, country trax, offroad riding courses megan snyman, country trax, megan snyman, jan du toit,country trax sand riding, megan snyman,BMW

Matthew Snyman, Sand riding, offroad riding course, Country Trax

Matthew turns on the cameraman (Leonard)

Matthew Snyman, riding the sand, Country Trax, offroad riding

Sand riding

Jan du Toit, dog, Country Trax

This dog’s favorite toy

Matthew Snyman, offroad riding course, Country Trax

Practicing turns

I did have one hard fall where as my friends know, I got my leg between the F800 and a wooden pole, after hoping that giving throttle might save me from the situation. After a quick medical self check, I established that although the pain was severe, that thankfully my bones were intact. By the size of the bruise shown below, you can see why wearing motocross boots is vital! Though this was not the greatest when you have packed a short dress for a wedding after the course.

Matthew also came off in spectacular fashion after accelerating down the steepest hill on the farm and entered the ‘bowl’ below like a stunt rider from Nitro Circus. He lost traction on the bowl lip and gave us all a huge fright, however after the initial scare, he left with just a twisted ankle.

bruise, fall

My fantastic bruise day 1

I was humbled that Country Trax were willing to offer us the course, and that we participated in the entire weekend including the fantastic accommodation (built by Jan himself) and marvelous food. Jan Du Toit and Aldo Van Der Walt (Touratech) were extremely patient and as the “big names’ in adventure riding South Africa, they were a pleasure to get to know.

Thank you again for this fantastic experience, which I will recommend far-and-wide. I have certainly doubled my skills and halved my fears!

water crossings, country trax, offroad riding course

Megan washes her toes

water crossings, country trax, matthew snyman

Matthew washes his bike

Country Trax, Amersfoort farm, sheep Country Trax, house

Megan Snyman, Country Trax, Offroad riding course

riding the oval

megan snyman, offroad riding coure, cornering

country trax, offroad riding academy, jan du toit

We all passed!

Matthew Snyman, oval riding, course Megan Snyman, offorad riding courses, cheering dirt riding, country trax, training, BMW water crossings, country trax, bmw matthew snyman, dirt riding, country trax, training, bmw the team, country trax, offroad riding training

Country Trax, prizegiving, offroad riding

Matthew passed!

Country Trax, BMW, Offroad riding course

Thank you to Leonard van Greunen for the fanstastic Country Trax pictures

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