Boca De Pascuales: A new video – Bums, babes and beach breaks

Our new video is out!

As many of you know, we recently landed in Boca De Pascuales, a tiny little Mexican surf spot with some seriously evil waves, so evil, in fact, that I have decided to make a video about the waves and the tiny town that they terrorize  – enjoy!

Boca De Pascuales from Great American Trek on Vimeo.


Near death and near divorce in Peru

Leaving Lima is no small ordeal. The city is HUGE. The outlying areas stretch on for miles into the distance, with a sharp contrast to the inner city becoming immediately apparent. While Central Lima is plastered in fancy restaurants, expensive clothing boutiques, big glass buildings and hotels, surf culture and green, leafy streets, its peripheries, just out of eye-shot, are poor. Makeshift shacks and informal dwellings, with no running water or electricity are scattered over the desert landscape, with mounds of trash lining every roadside, the city’s dirty secret, and man… it is really dirty. Limas surrounds are without doubt, the dirtiest places that I have seen on the entire trip to date.

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Peru’s Desert Coast

With the end of the Rumble in the jungle came the desert. Our band of merry men had split up, leaving Meg, Martin and me to head West towards the desert, to ride along Peru’s Pacific coast and up to Lima, her capital. We left the beautiful colonial Ayacucho after a magnificent Easter Festival in the streets, with Horse riders, traditional llama herders and all sorts of dancers dressed to the nines. We even spotted some rather fancy-looking llamas on the way out of town. We travelled up and over the mountains, over beautiful passes with wide, curvy roads covered with beautiful smooth tar, a drastic change from what we had become accustomed to in the jungle.

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Caballeros showing off their horses, and some trick riding

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